Natural Beauty at Bandon Beach, Oregon

Bandon, Oregon is a distinguished gem along the Southern Oregon Coast. It offers an array of captivating activities and natural beauty, starting most obviously with Bandon Beach itself. The beauty of this special place beckons visitors from near and far, beauty that is only amplified by Old Town’s vibrant local culture, where art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants showcase the community’s coastal charm. Outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to Bandon’s golf courses, fantastic parks and hiking trails, winding, low-traffic roads for biking, and beautiful rivers and preserves for bird and wildlife watching. There’s truly an unforgettable array of things to do in Bandon, Oregon.¬†

Bandon Beach is a highlight of the Oregon coastline, distinguished by its dramatic rock formations and expansive sands. This remarkable beach is a haven for beachcombers, nature lovers, and adventurers alike. Its iconic sea stacks, sculpted by time and tides, create a scenic backdrop for sunset strolls and lazy days under the warmth of the summer sun. The intertidal zones offer a unique opportunity for exploration, revealing a diverse array of marine life at low tide. 

Best of all, Bandon Beach is accessible from our well-situated hotel across from the popular Face Rock Scenic Viewpoint. Immerse yourself in everything this charming coastal destination offers, and uncover the best of Oregon’s Southern Coast. Book your stay at our top-rated hotel in Bandon today!¬†

Stunning warm glow of light at Bandon Beach on the Southern Oregon Coast

Enjoy the Best of Bandon Beach

There are plenty of gorgeous beaches along Oregon’s 363-mile Coastline. We may be partial, but we think Bandon Beach, Oregon, is one of the best stretches of beach! In fact, we believe the beaches found along the entire stretch of what’s considered the Southern Coast are spectacular‚ÄĒand oftentimes, they are far less crowded than some of the famous beaches to the north of us.¬†

Visit Bandon Beach, Oregon, this summer, and let the allure of Oregon’s rugged coastal charm enchant you. Bandon Beach is renowned for its striking sea stacks and colossal rock formations that rise majestically from the ocean, crafting a landscape that feels both ancient and timeless. The interplay of light and shadow, especially during sunrise and sunset, casts an ethereal glow over the sands and waters, creating a truly captivating scene.¬†

Though Bandon Beach is most popular for its scenery and leisurely strolls along the beach, there are a lot of things to do there. The shifting tides reveal an ever-changing landscape to explore, too. Nature lovers can observe diverse wildlife, including seabirds and marine creatures. The tide pools teem with life and invite you to discover the intricacies of marine ecosystems. There’s also plenty of coastal hiking along Bandon Beach, with trails meandering through coastal forests and with rewarding oceanic vistas to enjoy along the way.

More Gorgeous Oregon Coast Beaches to Visit

Of course, Bandon Beach is just one of the many gorgeous coastal beaches to visit on the Southern Coast. Here are more of our favorite spots to enjoy a beach day. 

  1. Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint offers the closest access to the beach for guests at our Bandon Hotel. Though it’s technically part of Bandon Beach, this destination is so popular due to the unique rock formations you’ll encounter here that it warrants its own mention. According to local legend, Face Rock is a sea stack resembling a face looking up at the sky.
  2. Another of the most popular Oregon Coast Beaches to visit near Bandon is Bullards Beach State Park. It is just north of Bandon. Here, you’ll find a long, sandy beach that is perfect for horseback riding, hiking, and more. The historic Coquille River Lighthouse is also nearby.
  3. If you’re looking for a more off-the-beaten-path beach near Bandon, head to Seven Devils State Recreation Site. This less crowded beach features a series of coves and rocky outcrops, offering a more secluded coastal experience. It’s an excellent spot for fishing, beachcombing, and observing local wildlife, including seabirds and occasionally sea lions.
  4. Another great Oregon Coast beach to visit is Cape Blanco State Park, especially if you’re looking for a more rugged and windswept coastal experience. With its historic lighthouse, hiking trails, and beautiful ocean vistas, Cape Blanco is an ideal place to spend a day on the Southern Oregon Coast.¬†
  5. For a more rocky and rugged experience, head to Port Orford Heads State Park. It’s perfect for those picture-perfect dramatic ocean views and also offers hiking trails and a historic lifeboat station turned museum. This is a fantastic spot for storm-watching.¬†
One of the Guest rooms at our Bandon Hotel overlooking beautiful coastal scenery of Bandon Beach

The Best Place to Stay in Bandon, Oregon

Bandon Beach may be the biggest draw to the area, but once you’re here, we’re confident you’ll stay for the exquisite accommodations and hospitality you’ll find at our Bandon, Oregon hotel. Moreover, there are far more things to do in Bandon than simply heading to the beach. We also recommend that you spend time¬†exploring Bandon’s Old Town, venturing out to nearby Coos Bay, and more. Wherever your adventure may take you, there’s no better place to stay on the Oregon Coast than the welcoming Inn at Face Rock.¬†

In front of our hotel, you’ll find the gorgeous Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint and the wild adventure that awaits you on the coast. On another side is an abandoned golf course turned scenic natural area. In other words, a retreat here will be quiet, secluded, and exactly what you hope in a coastal getaway. A great location and a tranquil environment aren’t all we offer, though.¬†

Our hotel offers generous accommodations, including king and queen suites with kitchenettes, standard king and queen guest rooms, and even a beach house for a private stay with all the comforts of home. We even offer some pet-friendly accommodations. Onsite, we also have a fantastic pool and heated spa for those afternoons when it’s just a bit too chilly to splash around in the ocean waves, a fitness center, a business center, a gift shop, meeting facilities, and so much more.

We also offer a thoughtful and complimentary breakfast every morning of your stay that serves as the perfect fuel before or after those early morning beach walks. If you’re looking for the best coastal getaway, you’ve found it. There’s truly no better place to stay in Bandon, Oregon. Book your stay today!