The Best Things to do in Bandon, Oregon This Summer

The Oregon Coast stretches 362 stunning miles between the Washington and California borders and offers some of the West Coast’s wild, pristine, and spectacular scenery. The People’s Coast, as it’s known, is one of the most iconic and picturesque destinations in the country. On Oregon’s secluded, lesser-known southern coast, you’ll find a quiet oasis known as Bandon. There are plenty of things to do in Bandon, of course, but like many other small towns along the Coast, Bandon stands as a beacon for natural beauty and escapism. The quaint charm and scenic splendor of our small own is enchanting and offers a unique blend of relaxation and adventure. 

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful stop as you traverse the rugged coastline or a quiet place to get away for a few days, you’ll find the perfect escape in our Oregon Coast hotel. From those quintessential long walks on the beach to exploring the historic Old Town, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Bandon, Oregon. From its pristine beaches and striking rock formations to the lush forests that surround the town, Bandon serves as a playground for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Beyond the great outdoors, Bandon’s artistic spirit and culinary delights add layers of richness to the visitor experience, ensuring that every moment spent in this coastal gem is time well spent. 

For those seeking to enhance their stay, choose our top-rated hotel in Bandon near Face Rock—one of Bandon’s iconic natural landmarks. Our Oregon Coast hotel offers guests an unparalleled lodging experience. Our Bandon, Oregon hotel offers much more than a comfortable place to stay and a convenient stop along Highway 101. We also provide easy access to the beach and a front-row seat to Bandon Beach’s stunning beauty. Summer is on the not-so-distant horizon, so now’s the perfect time to plan your adventure on the Oregon Coast. Book your room today! 

Stairs leading to the beach, one of the best things to do in Bandon, Oregon

The Best Things to Do in Bandon, Oregon

With so much natural beauty easily at your fingertips, you can expect to find plenty of things to do in Bandon, Oregon. The harmonious blend of rugged coastlines, verdant landscapes, and a vibrant community spirit invites you to slow down and savor each moment.

Whether you enjoy the meditative rhythm of waves crashing on the beach, the artistic flair evident in its galleries, the exhilarating challenge of a world-class golf course, or the simple pleasure of indulging in fresh seafood, Bandon encapsulates the essence of coastal living. Below, find a list of some of our favorite things to do in Bandon, Oregon. 

  1. One of the top things to do in Bandon, Oregon, is right next to our hotel: Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint. This iconic destination is just one of the many striking rock formations on Oregon’s Coast, but this one is surrounded by captivating Native American lore. The viewpoint is a short walk from our hotel and offers unparalleled vistas of the ocean and coastal beaches. 
  2. There are other Bandon Beaches worth exploring, each offering beautiful coastal scenery to admire and, at low tide, tidal ecosystems to explore. 
  3. If you’re in Bandon during the summer, don’t miss the iconic Circles in the Sand. On various mornings during the summer, a team of artists and volunteers draws sand labyrinths at low tide. The public is welcome to walk these artistic circles and enjoy contemplative time on the beach until the tides rise to wash it away. 
  4. One of the most famous things to do in Bandon is to play a round of golf at the world-renowned Bandon Dunes Golf Courses. These courses are celebrated for their challenging design and stunning oceanic backdrop. 
  5. Visit the Coquille River Lighthouse, which was built in 1890 to help ships navigate their way up the Coquille River as part of the area’s booming timber industry. 
  6. You could also combine visiting the lighthouse with another of the best things to do in Bandon: paddling the Coquille River. The Coquille River Water Trail is stunning, stretching an impressive 30 miles inland. As you paddle, you’ll enjoy historic homesteads and townsites, a national wildlife refuge, and beautiful scenery. 
  7. There are various places to enjoy birdwatching on the Southern Oregon Coast, including the offshore rocks that serve as protected habitats for various nesting seabirds. We also love the Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife. 
  8. Visit the numerous art galleries and studios in Bandon to engage with the local art scene as you walk the streets of Old Town. Bandon is a haven for artists whose works are inspired by the town’s breathtaking landscapes and maritime heritage.
  9. Bandon is a year-round fishing destination. Whether you’re angling in the spring and summer, crabbing in the fall and winter, or heading offshore for deep-sea fishing, you’ll quickly see why this is rated one of the best things to do in Bandon. 
  10. Bandon is a fantastic destination for cyclists. Serious bikers will love the 60-mile Wild Rivers Scenic Bikeway, while mountain bikers may prefer the Whiskey Run Mountain Bike Trails. For a different kind of adventure, consider the 19-mile Bandon fat bike beach ride.
  11. One of Bandon’s lesser-known facts is that it’s the cranberry capital of the Oregon Coast—and it’s home to the annual Cranberry Festival, one of the longest-running festivals on the coast. 
  12. While in Bandon, you’ll have a front-row seat to some of the freshest and most delicious seafood – but that’s just part of the food experience waiting for you. We invite you to explore the Wild Rivers Coast Food Trail, where you’ll encounter a range of farmer’s markets, U-pick farms, farm stands, and seafood and specialty food vendors.
Exterior of our Best Western Hotel in Bandon, Oregon

Stay at the Best Hotel in Bandon, Oregon

Bandon is one of the many fantastic Oregon Coast towns worth visiting this summer, and we hope you stay long enough to explore it all. As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Bandon, Oregon – but there’s so much more worth seeing along the Coast, including Coos Bay and other neighboring communities. You’ll need at least a couple of days to explore the area. 

Whether you’re just stopping by on your way down Highway 101 or looking for an epic Oregon Coast getaway, there’s no better place to stay than our welcoming Bandon, Oregon hotel. We’re situated just across the street from Bandon’s iconic Facerock and serve as the perfect home base for your adventures along the Coast. Don’t forget to leave yourself plenty of time to relax and unwind – the true reason for any Oregon Coast getaway! 

From here, you’ll have access to world-class amenities, such as a daily breakfast, an indoor pool and spa, and so much more. Our guest rooms are comfortable, well-appointed, and spacious, and our property is quiet and serene—precisely what you want in a coastal retreat! All this and more is a short walk away from the beach. There’s truly no better place to stay on Oregon’s southern Coast. Book your stay with us today!